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Removal of the third molars (wisdom teeth) is one of the most common dental procedures in America. Most oral surgeons will perform this operation numerous times per week throughout their careers and should be very familiar with the procedure. Even an experienced dentist, however, can make mistakes. 

General dentists do not have the education, training, experience, and sometimes the equipment that an oral surgeon has. Nevertheless, many general dentists fail to refer their patients needing wisdom teeth to be extracted to an oral surgeon and attempt to extract these teeth in their own offices. 

Every mouth is different, and not all molars can be extracted through the usual methods. It is your dentist’s job to ensure you are a good candidate for wisdom teeth removal. If you are suffering from pain after an extraction, consult with a Columbia dental malpractice attorney to find out if you have grounds for legal action. 

At The Law Offices of Fred B. Goldberg, we have been fighting for the rights of clients since 1981. Our firm handles over 70% of Maryland’s dental malpractice cases. 

Injuries resulting from a molar extraction include: 

  • Nerve damage

  • Failure to remove root during extraction 

  • Infection 

  • Fractured jaw 

  • Damage to adjacent teeth 

  • Extraction of the wrong tooth 

To consult with an experienced dental malpractice attorney about molar extraction injuries call us. 

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Removal Without Consent 

It is rare, but not unheard of, for dentists and oral surgeons to perform removals without the proper informed consent of the patient. Prior to the operation, the patient has the legal right to have all the material risks of the treatment fully explained so they can decide if they still want the procedure and still want this particular dentist to perform it. 

A thorough explanation of the risks of the procedure might very well lead a patient to decide to go to a specialist for the extractions rather than letting a general dentist perform these services. 

Find Out What Went Wrong 

The dentist who performed your procedure may not be willing to take responsibility for his or her mistakes. If you continuously experience pain after a molar extraction that your dentist tells you “will get better,” get a second opinion and find out if there is more going on. 

Columbia dental malpractice attorney Fred Goldberg was raised by dental professionals. He is familiar with the usual procedures and what dentists can and cannot do when working on patients.