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Dental malpractice occurs when a dentist performs dentistry in a way that is inconsistent with accepted dental practices. At the Law Offices of Fred B. Goldberg, our Columbia dental malpractice attorney handles more of these cases than any other lawyer in the state of Maryland. Our prominence in the field has even resulted in clients from out of state requesting our services. 

Our firm has successfully represented clients who have been victimized by all forms of dental malpractice. We have obtained verdicts and settlements totaling millions of dollars for victims of dental malpractice. 

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Long Background in Columbia, Maryland Dentistry Claims 

Lead Attorney Fred Goldberg’s father was a dentist, and his mother was a dental chair assistant. In his household, the terms of dentistry were discussed over dinner, giving Mr. Goldberg a thorough understanding of the language and basics of dentistry. As a boy, he worked in his father’s office assisting in developing x-rays and keeping molds organized. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Do I Really Have a Dental Malpractice Claim? 

Many people have a hard time determining if they are victims of dental malpractice. Our Columbia dental malpractice lawyer has a firm grasp of the dental field and can help you determine whether or not you have a case. If you are unsure about pursuing a dental malpractice case and retaining an attorney, call our firm for answers. We can guide you through this time and provide much-needed insight. 

I have pain in my tooth, but my dentist says it is nothing. What do I do? 

If you think your pain deserves more than a “wait and see” strategy, you should seek a second opinion immediately. Your discomfort may be the result of your primary dentist’s mistake. He or she may be unwilling to admit they are at fault or do not realize they or made an error. Your dentist may also just be negligent and fail to give your problem the attention it deserves. In any of these cases, you may have grounds for a dental malpractice lawsuit. 

Another Lawyer Told Me Dental Malpractice Cases Are Almost Impossible to Win. Is that True? 

Absolutely not. You will often hear that answer from general medical malpractice attorneys, but if it were true, we wouldn’t have the track record of success that we do. Other lawyers may give this answer because they have only practiced general medical malpractice law and not be as familiar with dental negligence cases. 

Our attorney was raised by dental professionals and spent his youth working in their office. He has extensive knowledge on dental terms and procedures, which is a huge asset when arguing a dental malpractice claim in court. 

What Can I Get from A Dental Malpractice Lawsuit? 

Most people and even lawyers do not realize the extent of injuries suffered by a dental malpractice victim. A successful dental malpractice lawsuit can win you damages to cover: 

  • Costs for remediating or fixing whatever problem was created by the dentist’s negligence, including costs of hospitalizations if warranted 

  • Consultations and second opinions 

  • A recognition of the value of physical pain and mental anguish 

  • Future dental costs—the loss of a tooth for example may require an implant, bone graft, abutments, and crown. Crowns statistically last only 5-7 years, so the cost of replacement crowns for the rest of the victim’s life must be included 

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Why Should I Hire a Dental Malpractice Attorney in Columbia? 

First, a good attorney is familiar with the court system and proper procedures for filing your case. They can help with the paperwork and contacting the proper parties, which is probably not something you want to deal with if your problem is particularly painful or debilitating. 

More importantly, the defendant will likely do all in their power to convince the court (and maybe even you) that all of your issues are part of the normal procedure and not a result of malpractice. 

Judges and juries are unlikely to have much knowledge of dentistry and might rely on the word of whoever sounds more knowledgeable. A skilled dental malpractice attorney can explain in clear terms exactly how your dentist messed up and why you are entitled to damages. 

Additional reasons to hire a dental malpractice lawyer include: 

  • They assist with obtaining copies of dental records, x-rays, office notes, and anything that relates to the treatment you received from the negligent party. Your lawyer can also help ensure that no records are destroyed during this process. 

  • An experienced lawyer will also hire dental specialists to review your records for any inconsistencies or errors that might help your case. These specialists will also help determine if your injuries are the result of the dentist’s negligence using dental journals and other credible resources at their disposal. 

  • A qualified dental malpractice attorney will prepare for settlement negotiations by evaluating, studying, and reviewing all the arguments that could be made to dismiss the dentist’s negligence. 

  • From attending settlement conferences and mediation to evaluating the pros and cons of your case, a strong attorney can help decide if going to trial is the best option for you. Settlement offers can vary. These offers can be made once or numerous times throughout your case. A dental malpractice lawyer can keep you informed about the quality of any settlement offers you might receive. 

What Constitutes Dental Malpractice? 

Dental malpractice involves any instance wherein a practicing dentist working on your teeth deviates from what a competent trained dentist would do that causes you harm. 

Examples of dental malpractice include: 

You must be able to prove that a deviation from acceptable standards of care occurred and that what caused you appreciable harm. Not all injuries give rise to viable malpractice lawsuits – sometimes, a dentist may cause an injury that heals quickly and without any lasting impact, and other times, a dentist may do everything correctly and a bad result may still occur. It is important to consult with an attorney to learn whether you have a case. 

In order to prove a dental malpractice claim, you must be able to demonstrate that: 

  • The dentist unintentionally failed to provide the acceptable standard of care that any other dentist would have performed 

  • The dentist intentionally committed an act that no other reasonable dentist would have committed in the same situation 

  • The breach of duty resulted in injury or death 

Dentists who provide patients with any unwarranted treatments or bill for work not performed may also be held accountable for their actions. Patients should be given sufficient information regarding any procedure before the dentist continues with the proposed treatment. 

In some situations, dentists have failed to inform their patients about all available treatment options, and the risks associated with each possible treatment. 

Can All Dentists Perform Specialty Procedures? 

Dentists go to dental school for four years after college. Once they graduate from dental school, they are permitted by law to perform any dental procedure. However, some dentists choosing to specialize may go to graduate dental school in one of the recognized specialty areas of dentistry: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Periodontology, Endodontics, Orthodontics, Oral Medicine, Dental Anesthesia, or Pedodontics. 

Sometimes, general dentists take it upon themselves to perform procedures best referred to a specialist, without discussing this with the patient. When doing so, they are held to the standard of care of the specialty. 

What Will a Dental Malpractice Case Cost Me? 

Relatively little. We work on a contingency fee basis, and therefore we only get paid when your case is favorably resolved from the recovery. We sometimes will need a one-time payment to have a dental expert evaluate the case. If the expert confirms you have a case, then we will advance the rest of the expenses until the case is resolved. 

And, we credit your account for that payment when the case is over, too. We have an excellent track record and can usually give you an accurate prediction as to the eventual outcome of your case at our first free consult. 

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