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Suffering a Dental Bridge Injury? 

Seasoned Dental Malpractice Attorney in Columbia 

Dental bridge preparation and placement have become increasingly common in recent years as a popular and less expensive means to cover gaps from missing teeth. A bridge can serve an important function, preventing the other teeth from shifting and affecting your ability to chew. 

As the procedure has become a go-to for many dentists, ensuring that the procedures are done right is of the utmost importance. If not, a Columbia dental malpractice lawyer may be needed. 

Some dental bridge injuries can result from: 

  • Installing an over or undersized bridge in the available space 

  • Damaging the adjacent teeth during the procedure 

  • Dentists neglecting to check patient’s allergies 

  • Performing the operation too quickly after the removal of the missing tooth 

  • Failure of the dentist to test the quality of gums and teeth to support the bridge 

  • Failure of the dentist to create a proper seal between the bridge and the natural teeth 

  • Failure of the dentist to properly prepare the abutment teeth 

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Know When to Call For Help 

If a dentist mismanages your dental bridge procedure, it could result in you needing a root canal or having more teeth removed. Without legal assistance, you could be paying for the original procedure, the follow-up operations to fix the mistake, and whatever other complications may arise as a result. 

You should know when a bridge installation went wrong not long after the operation. Pain or a loose feeling in the bridge are definite indicators that there is a problem. Consult with another dentist from a different practice if you think you are suffering from a dental bridge injury. 

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