Dental Malpractice Case Results

We've been fortunate enough to have helped thousands of clients throughout the years obtain the justice they deserve in the form of monetary compensation. We handle more than 75% of all dental malpractice cases in the State of Maryland, and we accept cases from across the United States.

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  • $750,000
    Botched Root Canal Root Canal that led to a Nerve Injury
  • $450,000
    Negligence / Failure to Treat Bisphosphinate induced necrosis of the jaw. The patient, a cancer survivor taking Zometa had a toothache. Before a root amputation procedure, the dentist should have consulted the patient’s oncologist and suggested a drug holiday. But the dentist went ahead with the surgery, which did not heal. As the infection grew it took months before the dentist referred the patient to an oral surgeon. Eventually, the patient had to undergo a jaw resection and lost a large section of his jaw bone.
  • $450,000
    Nerve Damage Patient went to an oral surgeon for the extraction of her wisdom teeth. The dentist did not obtain proper informed consent and traumatized the patient’s lingual nerve on both sides, leaving the patient with a greatly reduced sense of taste and 24/7 numbness and tingling.
  • $405,000
    Over-Preparation of Crowns The patient went to her general dentist to have two teeth straightened. It should have been done by Invisalign or some other tray-based orthodontics. Instead, the dentist placed 8 crowns on the patient’s upper teeth. When the shade and size did not match the lowers, the dentist talked the patient into placing crowns on 8 of her lower teeth. In a short time, several of the teeth needed root canals due to over-preparation of the crowns.
  • $225,000
    Improper Orthodontic Therapy (Braces) The patient, a 65-year old woman wanted to relive teeth crowding in her lower arch. She had braces placed by her general dentist. The general dentist was not aware that patients with immune-deficiency are prone to having their teeth roots resorb (disintegrate) when they are moved by force. All the teeth subject to the orthodontic treatment became loose.
  • $160,000
    Operation Error Treatment of a disabled person in the operating room.
  • $157,000
    Implant Causes Nerve Damage The patient had an implant placed in her lower jaw. The implant was placed too deeply and it traumatized her inferior alveolar nerve, leaving the patient with permanent reduced sensation and taste on one side of her tongue.
  • $150,000
    Failure to Treat Periodontal Disease The patient saw the same dentist for 15 years. When his dentist retired, the patient learned that he had moderate to severe generalized periodontal disease that he likely would not have if the dentist had either treated it or referred the patient to a periodontist. He is in danger of losing several teeth.
  • $87,500
    Improper Veneer Installation The patient had 6 veneers placed over her existing upper front teeth. Over time, the treated teeth started to hurt and give off a bad odor. It turned out that the dentist had placed veneers over existing decay without properly cleaning the teeth. The patient had to have the veneers removed and the decay treated before new veneers could be placed.
  • $75,000.00
    Fractured Jaw Fractured jaw, general dentist extracts molars and wisdom teeth and fractures jaw
  • $55,000
    Improperly Adjusted Braces Braces adjusted too tightly.
  • $55,000
    Salivary Gland Injury Wound to salivary gland.
  • $50,000
    Wrong Tooth Extracted Wrong tooth extracted.

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