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By The Law Offices of Fred B. Goldberg, PC March 12, 2022

Attorney Fred B. Goldberg Named a 2022 Lawyer of Distinction

Our team at The Law Offices of Fred B. Goldberg, PC is thrilled to announce our very own Columbia dental malpractice lawyer, Attorney Fred B. Goldberg, has been named a 2022 Lawyer of Distinction. This well-deserved recognition only highlights Attorney Goldberg’s sincere dedication to fighting for the rights of those who have been injured at the hands of another. Throughout the course of his extensive career, Attorney Goldberg has worked tirelessly as a Columbia dental malpractice lawyer, proudly helping his clients reclaim their rights.

The Lawyers of Distinction organization makes its selection based on a comprehensive research process. Candidates are first nominated, independently researched, before going through an exhaustive ethics review and background check. The final selection is made after considering each candidate’s case results, legal experience, educational background, community service, verdicts, publications, certifications, and more.

Our firm represents and advocates on behalf of victims of dental malpractice, including but not limited to the following:

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At The Law Offices of Fred B. Goldberg, PC, we are led by a dedicated and relentless Columbia dental malpractice attorney who has handled over 75% of dental malpractice cases in the state of Maryland. We understand how betrayed and vulnerable you may feel as a victim of malpractice, which is why our legal team strives to deliver the most successful results possible.

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