What Does a Dental Malpractice Attorney Do?

What Does a Dental Malpractice Attorney Do?

Dental malpractice happens when a dentist performs work that is inconsistent with accepted or standard dental practices. If you are the victim of dental negligence, you might be debating whether or not you need legal assistance. While some people might be inclined to let their dentist attempt to fix the problem because they feel it will be less of a hassle, you should first consider speaking with an experienced dental malpractice attorney before accepting a refund or additional work from your dentist. Below, we explain how competent legal representation can benefit your dental malpractice case.

How a Dental Malpractice Lawyer Can Help You

An attorney can walk you through the complicated process of filing your claim and building your defense in the following ways:

  • They assist with obtaining copies of dental records, x-rays, office notes, and anything that relates to the treatment you received from the negligent party. Your lawyer can also help ensure that no records are destroyed during this process.
  • An experienced lawyer will also hire dental specialists to review your records for any inconsistencies or errors that might help your case. These specialists will also help determine if your injuries are the result of the dentist’s negligence using dental journals and other credible resources at their disposal.
  • A qualified dental malpractice attorney will prepare for settlement negotiations by evaluating, studying, and reviewing all the arguments that could be made to dismiss the dentist’s negligence.
  • From attending settlement conferences and mediations to evaluating the pros and cons of your case, a strong attorney can help decide if going to trial is the best option for you. Settlement offers can vary. These offers can be made once or numerous times throughout your case. A dental malpractice lawyer can keep you informed about the quality of any settlement offers you might receive.

Our Columbia Dental Malpractice Attorney Is Ready to Help

At The Law Offices of Fred B. Goldberg, we have handled more dental malpractice cases than any other law firm in the state of Maryland. Our team of lawyers has represented clients victimized by all forms of dental malpractice, including: anesthesia errors, botched root canals, infections and abscesses, osteomyelitis of the jaw, and dental bridge injuries.

Call (410) 844-5221, or contact our Columbia dental malpractice attorney for your free consultation.


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